Should we forgive to find inner peace?

Forgiveness and peace
Image Should we forgive to find inner peace?

Forgiveness is a sign of love and humility which involves setting oneself free from the feeling of resentment and anger after the misdeeds or offenses committed by the neighbors. In his teachings, the ambassador of peace Prem Rawat urges each individual to nurture love and humility.

In fact, he advises people to address each other with friendship and humbleness. He is the promoter of global harmony through "Knowledge", a kind of meditation which aims to attain mind tranquility.

Should we forgive to find inner peace?

Forgiveness frees our heart and mind from negativity

Forgiveness consists of self-effacing and clearing the mind of past iniquities committed by a relative, a friend, or an acquaintance. Holding our mind on resentment will harm us more than the offender. Failing to forgive the iniquities of the wrongdoers will put a burden on our heart; as a result, it leads to heartache and other health problems, including high blood pressure and mental restlessness.

However, forgiveness can clear our mind off the offender's transgression and relieves our heart from the heavy burdens of antipathies. Thus, it frees us from the trap of negative thinking. Releasing ourselves from negativity ensures inner tranquility.

Forgiveness is essential for healing

Holding on to hatred leads to heart problems because it causes the heart to beat faster and the blood pressure rises. Researchers found that sustaining anger for 2 hours can increase the risk of heart attack 9 times. Studies revealed that holding on to grudge upsurges the risk of heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular problems.

However, forgiveness frees our mind from the affliction of resentment; therefore, it is a path to healing. That is the reason why it is essential that we keep on forgiving our transgressor each day even though they have done us wrong about 490 times. In addition, psychotherapists also believe in the power of forgiveness in healing mental problems. Physical and mental well-being leads to inner peace.

Forgiveness helps move ahead in life

Forgiveness removes resentment and malice from the heart. It consists of giving yourself the power to put your mind and heart at peace. Yet, unless you are meek, it is impossible to forgive. Those who still hold on to arrogance and personal pride are never able to obtain forgiveness.

As a result, their topic of conversation always evolves around the past, which prevents them from advancing in life. However, if you clear your heart and remain humble, you will certainly have the power to forgive and achieve progress in life. Therefore, accepting to forgive makes the heart pure and it promotes inner peace, which will empower you with the positive energies to move ahead in life.

Forgiveness leads to success

There are many benefits of forgiveness, and each of them leads to success: 

  • Compassion promotes healthier relationships, and it prevents us from falling into enmity with our surroundings. 
  • If we are at peace with our entourage, more people can contribute to our goal attainment.
  • Forgiveness promotes good health condition, which empowers us to focus our attention and function well in everything we are involved in.

In short, not only does forgiveness set us free from bitterness of negative emotions; but it can also remove the negative energy issued by hatred and enmity to our rivals and enemies. Forgiveness is love and humility, as Prem Rawat said, and it can put an end to the disastrous outcomes of depression and enmity. Therefore, forgiveness can lead to inner peace.